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A CALL TO ACTION on Mothers, responsible Fathers, Husbands and Singles Girls

You cannot keep your third leg as a married man in your trouser and you have the nerves to go about dropping names of married women and single girls who are doing runs?

What are you doing Oga that is patronizing them? Oga married man that is carrying someone’s daughter’s name around town as runs girl and you are married, what are you? If someone was running your wife like you do to other men’s wife, how would you feel especially for women who have refused to stoop low to your shameless life style? Or you feel you have money enough to give your wife so she won’t cheat back?

You forget that there’s more to satisfying a woman than just money? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the golden rule? Some men can’t even get their wife’s to conceive, yet they are running around married women and single girls in town.

Some married men can’t even sexu*al satisfy their wives at home but they are de don of doings outside. Over caring and extra sweet, I mean outside but when they get home, “I’m tired” “I’m not feeling very strong is a known slogan… and very lazy in the bed room …? fire.

Some men are so shameless to the point of indulging in sexual activities, encouraging sexual videos from teenagers and their friend but they have wives at home with teenagers as children. If another man was to do that with their children how would these men feel? Women it is time you open your mouths and start addressing issues that bothers on the well being of not just your children but the girl and boy child.

It is so sicken and sad to constantly see and hear men taking advantage of married women whose husbands are financially incapacitated. It is so disheartening to see married men encouraging little girls who are their daughter’s age to send them their nudes and discuss sexuality with them and they can’t say don’t ever send such videos to me. The child calls you “daddy” but sends you video of her friend and herself doing vidoes and measuring whose breast is bigger and you as a father, sits down to watch it without admonishing them that you expect better from them? What type of father or daddy are you?

You are busy doing calls at midnights with a child old Enough to be your daughter yet you can not do it with your wife or children? Sir, you are a disgrace to father hood and husband hood. You will reap a Harvest of what you do by yourself because the time has closed in on you.

You are a married man who is sleeping around with another man’s wife and you make her a topic of discussion on every table you sit with men as usele*ss as you? Where is your integrity as a man? Today, her husband doesn’t have money like before and she comes to you for assistance and the only way you would give her money, is if she agrees to sleep with u and brings someone else for a threesome and she obliged and now her name is on the table of married women that sleeps around and the single girl is a runs girl.

Oga what table is your name for being such a dishonest man without integrity to your wife? Oga your church that you go, didn’t u read that God cursed men who sleep with other people’s wives and you are doomed for withholding good from another when it is within your powers to do it?

Oga married man, no condition in this life is permanent. God is watching you from a distance. Tomorrow it will be your turn, the same thing will be done to your wife.

Married women and single girls, keep your integrity by daring to go through the process of labour to achieve a goal. You must not sell yourself to these cheap and local men with no scruples and integrity. They sit down to discuss you on how you sleep around. Sell Garri, pure water, cut back on spending, nobody will laugh at you and even if they did, it will be for a short period of time. When you make your money and can take care of you and your kids, they will stop.
Young girls be creative with your youthful age. Some men are evil, they don’t love you as they say, they will only end up destroying your life and watch their own kids be the best. What he does with you, if his own daughter were to be caught doing it, he will blow hot or have a blood pressure.

If you know you are a man and you fall in these category, avoid me and everything that concerns me. I will call you out one after the other on every social media platforms because it is time you stop it. Mothers arise and speak up for your children. Marriage is not a do or die affair. Women suffer the fate of what men do outside and the shame comes to the entire household not any more. Any man that wants to go about disgracing himself , shoukd bear the consequences of his actions Becus it is not the wife and Children at home that sent them to commit the atrocities and definitely not the devil.

Please roster warriors begin to pray in the comment sessions as Audu ally Becus that is what he church as subjected morality to in dealing with a physical problem to give it a spiritual solution. Please tell these men to avoid me and all that concerns me.

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