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A Moment of Reflection on my Life

Dr. Princess Pat Akpabio

A moment of reflection on my life. It has been quite a journey for me where I have given so much but gotten so little in return but I am never weary in doing good. I take care of others and many-a-time forget myself in the process but you know what? God always has been covered. A moment of reflection on my life.

I have loved the unlovable, given to ingrates, been insulted, and called many ugly names, I have been judged wrongly and misunderstood but you know what? I am who and what God says I am and therefore, I have chosen a path for my life “never to answer to any negative human name callings” A moment of reflection on my life.

I was told I will never be anything and no matter what my father did to send me to good schools I will never amount to anything. I started ministering at age 8 effectively talking about Christ from door to door and it angered so many adults at that time because I was trying to show supremacy over others who were older than me in my father’ household and they did everything to frustrate me and make my late father dislike me, it didn’t work he loved me more.

I love music with a passion and so I wrote songs and I sang them to their hearing and I was always told I’ll be useless for such a passion and I’ll never get to the world stage but you know what? in 2009 God was “RIGHT ON TIME” I launched my freshman album and introduced myself by God to public ministry. A moment of reflection on my life. I grew up rejected in my father’s house but loved by my late father Chief C.B Akpan and my mother Regina Akpan.

I was always picked on in my father’s house especially when things went wrong. I was sexually abused as a child, I learned the act of forgiveness as a child and in 2011, I launched my sophomore Album “I’VE GOT FEELINGS” so that my critics could be on noticed that ain’t nothing they say is gonna stop me from expressing my inner feelings of proving them wrong that I am so much better than they know. A moment of reflection on my life.

I was judged so harshly by mere mortals like myself that I was a political singer and I can’t sing for anything, a matter of fact I wasn’t called. I mean there were times I almost gave up on the way but “Mercy said No” and God always “made a way” and on April 1, 2013, I released my junior Album “YOU CAN” telling myself I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. A moment of reflection on my life. Been through so much in my life that it is too sensitive to talk about in one writing. I had another sexual abuse attempt as a teenager but this time I fought back because it is written: “affliction will not arise a second time.”

Someone I trusted so much hurt me during this process by what they said to me about the rape attempt incident but I forgave the person. On November 1, 2015, I released by senior Album “I’m Unstoppable” letting the world know that it took me a lifetime to get here and I ain’t going anywhere soon. A moment of reflection on life.

There were days I had to go to bed hungry after doing all the chores at home. There where days I was lied on for what I didn’t do but I was punished for it. There were times I was maltreated and blackmailed wrongfully but in all of these “I saw the Glory of God.” I was never regarded as “value” but all I wished for, was to live like any normal child in the midst of abundance in my father’s house. I made up my mind to be somebody in the mist of rejection, reproach, abuses, little love, hunger, etc and became the first graduate in my father’ household and I was married to the finest gentleman Sir Ibanga Akpabio it was then the “Break of dawn.” A moment of Reflection on my life.

I am blessed with three beautiful anointed gladiators Uyai, Ifiok, Ubong, and a stepdaughter Asian that I adore so much, so I am blessed with four beautiful souls to love me and hug me when the world doesn’t treat me right. I am not perfect and who said I had to be? One thing I know that is definite, is that Yahweh is “Utennikan Mmi-MY Light.” I mean if I were to write my story it will take a full book and volumes too but I learned early in life that “God stands alone” in every decision he takes concerning my life.
A moment of reflection on my life.

I made up my mind to love even when I grew up with little love and to accommodate people regardless of if they valued my love. I embrace many that come my way because this world could be so cold to certain people. I give back not because I have everything but because it is a noble thing to do. In 2019, I have released yet four singles on my covenant and grace Album “I’M STILL HERE” my fifth album.

This new album release will be a double release with my sixth album to ascertain for a truth that after all is said and done “STILL I RISE” to testify that Jesus Christ remains the king over my life and my generation.

A moment of reflection on my life. “Never judge a book by the cover but by the content there In, for until you read my story you don’t know me and you are in no place to judge me”~EDPA. Whatever your story is, I see the glory of God if you believe that The Christ in you, the hope of glory. Expect “I’M STILL HERE” and “STILL I RISE” in 2020. “Love even when you have every reason not to Love. For Christ JESUS gave up his life for you and me because of AGAPE LOVE.” EDPA

5 thoughts on “A Moment of Reflection on my Life

  1. What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing this very inspirational journey. Thank God we do not look like what we have been through.
    Keep shining like the star that you are, the world is waiting.

  2. It is a nice one! I was live at the EVENT where you presented “A MOMENT OF REFLECTION ON MY LIFE” I was touched, your songs are Unique and touching, and I wish if we all give time , to reflect and narrate our stories, we all will have the reason to be thankful, grateful to God , at the same time fear Him. May God grant you more grace and to God
    alone be the glory!!!!!

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