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A Note To Self

When ever you go out asking assistance of some sort from anyone and they can’t or don’t assist you, do not fight and pass blame on the person. Do not go about spreading false hood about the person.

After all, If you could assist yourself, you would not be going out to ask for another person to assist you. What you could not do for yourself and you did not fight yourself for not being able to assist yourself, do not fight another for not being able to assist you either.

I have a rich uncle or a rich Aunty or relative or rich friends, because they are your relatives or friends, does not mean they must assist you. They didn’t give birth to you. They all came into this earth like you did. Some have taken shame and humiliation and took the long road to glory to rise to where they are in life today.

*If any relative or friend gives you a dime to assit you, tell him or her thank you. They are not obligated to give to you any assistance. They don’t owe you anything. It is a privilege not a right to be assisted by another person in life.

There are some of us that go to ask for assistance from others and we will send prayers and messages everyday but immediately we receive what we sought for, we send a message with an only word “THANKS”. No more prayers and lengthy messages anymore and the next month, we are back for another assistance. Givers get tired because they are human beings too like you. So learn to be productive with the assistance you receive from others.

If it is easy to assist others, you won’t be asking for assistance. Therefore, Anybody living on earth that has done something for, no matter how small, has contributed to your life positively. Appreciate them for the sacrifice knowing is supernatural to receive assistance from others.


I am EVANG. DR PAT AKPABIO (writing from UYO, Akwa Ibom State)

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