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Sometimes my dear brothers and sisters, holding on to your past doesn’t allow your future to fit in properly because you are too full of your past.

In order for a new story to be written in your new chapter, you have to let go of the old story and old chapter of your life.

Its is so easy to be Ordinary. Ordinary means just chilling, just don’t do a thing, show face, tag tag along plus it is crowded being ordinary. Nothing to expect, no stress, matter of fact, just fit in, that’s ordinary.

The very moment you realize that you can add extra to your ordinary, you will realize the power you have -extraordinary.

Stop asking the world for permission to fit into their limited story. Stop seeking for other people’s validation life. You are the only validation that you need in this life besides the great Divine God.

Realize that you are good enough, better enough and best enough to be extraordinary. You are the author of the story you are seeking permission to fit into.

I am Princess Pat Akpabio

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