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Coming Out Of Depression

By Princess Pat Akpabio

What is depression?

Depression is feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

The point in someone’s life where sadness and self-worth depreciate to zero and these feelings of sadness could last longer than a week. There are so many causes of depression in the world today. One could gradually find his or herself slip into depression due to loss of self-confidence due to failure on life’ pursuit, worthless due to a divorce, grief due to a loss of a loved one, emotionally exhausted due to marital breakdown, children not doing well in life, a sick loved one, suffering from rejection.

Not feeling loved, financial insecurity and the list is inexhaustible. 

How Do You Come Out Of Depression? 

First, identify what is making you depressed.
Can you actually tell yourself the truth that you are depressed and why?

Is it your finances? Is it your relationship?

Is it political?

Is it rejection and reproach?

Do you feel people don't love you?

Are you being cheated on?

Is it your job that is making you depressed?

Are you overweight, are you underweight?

Is the environment making you depressed?

When you have identified what is making you depressed, then you have solved 60% of your problem. 

What are the possible solutions to the problems that is causing you to be depressed? If it is finances do you need to change your job or start a business with what u have?

What do u need to change about that? You can identify what you have that can make you generate an extra income. Do you have a talent that can give youMoney?
One might really ask, is it possible to come out of depression without depending on medications? The answer is a resounding YES. The question someone going through depression may ask is HOW?


Be contented with what you have for the moment by cutting your coat according to your cloth. For instance, you use to eat three solid meals a day but right now it is not possible, it is nothing to be depressed about, just begin to tailor your stomach to the food available to eat. You were used to wearing three yards of fabric for a shirt, and what is available is 1.5 yards then sew a style that will accommodate 1.5 yards for your shirt. 

Stop competing with others. “The only person you are in competition with is yourself.”~ Princess Pat Akpabio. When you look at yourself in the mirror who do you see? I bet the image starting you at you is yourself and it is that image that confirms the truth about who you are? So trust your judgment on things. Someone is wearing Prada, Gucci, Fendi and you don’t know if it is fake or real but you must wear it but you can’t afford it.

Become creative with your limited financial resources by Making Ankara fabric your own Prada. Make a three-yard fabric trouser from the market your Gucci. Make your thrift store shoes, your goodies, and bend down select Okrika your Louis Vuitton. “It is not the brand that makes the person popular, it is the person wearing the brand   that makes the brand popular.”~ Princess Pat Akpabio.

Meaning makes what you have to wear fit you and look good on you and people will admire you. Wear what you have with pride. 
Acquire skills:

A. people management skills-your attitude towards people. How you relate with people will determine how people will respond to you. How you feel inside radiates on the outside of you and that is how people will treat you.

B. financial management skills- learn to recycle old clothes, weaves, jewelry and make them new, etc. Be resourceful with what you have.

C. Time management skills- learn to use your time productively. Write your itinerary down for the day and stick to it as best as possible. Improve on all your God-given talents and skills because you are your number one human psychologist
You are in this world to live your life to fulfill your purpose and destiny. Remember we are on borrowed time and every day is a gift.

You have no time to live in worry, dissatisfaction nor depression. Always turn to the Supreme God for guidance and wisdom in everything you set out to do. You are your own Boss.

I am available to talk, so inbox me your questions and comments.
I’m bringing you a message of hope that it doesn’t matter what your situation is today, you can use the little You have to make a big change in your life. What you don’t have today you will have it tomorrow. Get out of your depressed mood and push. Talk to
Me, comment here and we will talk about it.

Self-love is about being self full not selfish - you have to take care of yourself before taking care of others. 

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and this is Changing minds, changing attitudes

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