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Engage Your Critics

As a public figure or as a person, know this, there are jobless human beings who sit to mark other people’s exams sheet, exams that they didn’t set neither did they read the textbook to know the materials.

Don’t be bothered by their loudness of how you have failed the exams or you didn’t do well. They don’t have the capacity, qualifications and know how to fail you on life’s exams because they themselves have theirs to write.

Know this TRUTH, it is GOD THAT GIVES THE RESULT including their own failing grades because the time they should have spent studying their text book to write their own life’s exams, they were busy criticizing or copying others who were actually reading their life’ textbook to pass the final exams of life set by God.

Those who criticize others, do you think that if they truly had something worth doing or talking about in their lives, they would have the time to critic others negatively? It is unproductive and fake people, that have the time to sit and judge others who are productive with their time.

My advice to you, keep being real and productive. Give them more to talk about. Give them more to watch, to read and write about you. Keep making money out of their joblessness. Keep engaging their time so that in the end, you are an achiever and they are your clapping audience.

Make them work for you by employing them through your productivity. They are paying you to be creative by their negative criticism. Rise above solution and arrive at REVELATION.

I am Dr. Princess Pat Akpabio

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