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I Deserve To Be Loved – Pat Akpabio

I have mastered the act of self love and I’m still growing in loving me daily. I know I deserve to be loved, not lusted after, not settled for, but loved. If your motives towards me is not genuine, what possesses me and I posses, will repell you like mosquito. I am not a lady of common knowledge or general believe, I am a daughter with a difference and an influence carrier.

What you heard about me is inconsequential to my manifestation of my worth and authenticity. When fake people come around me, they always meet real that shows their fakeness in a very short period of time. I am deep and I Mean deep, don’t let my simplicity fool you, there is more to me than the nake human eyes and mind can fathom.

Fake people will always question my trueness and authenticity! Fake fails to realize that real don’t crack and it doesn’t fade. The truth remains the truth no matter how you try to twist it, it remains the truth. The truth is like a crooked fence that no matter how you paint a crooked fence, it remains a crooked fence.

I won’t displease myself to please you. We are each running our race differently and on different tracks. I knew long ago that there is enough room in the sky for all to fly. Life is what you make of it, the choices you make, is what spieces life up. Childishness is not meant for matured people but children. I have risen above childishness.

I am true to me! I am real to me. I know my worth! My authenticity is from birth. You can’t break me because I will never give you such power and authority over me. Soft on the inside doesn’t translate to weak anywhere.

I deserve to be loved, honored, respected not lusted after and not settled for, But LOVED.


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