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As I close my eyes for the night to call it a day, I ponder on life’s lessons, issues, and when it is all said and done who can you truly call a loved one? I have learnt and confirmed one most important lesson of life and that is, ladies and gentlemen in a “serious committed relationships” be careful who you share your relationship problems with, you never know the intent of a person’s heart.

The heart is the most treacherous part in the whole human body. The heart of man is desperately wicked as it is written in the word of God. Your worst night mare in your relationship could be your own blood, could be the person living under your roof, could be the closet person who has known you all your life etc.

You never know the true state of a friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, fatherhood, motherhood etc until the day you quarrel with the person that you have shared your tales of relationship woes to and then they begin to mock you by using all the mishaps that they are privileged to know about you and your relationship. Then you realise what pains that you have invoked upon yourself by not keeping your relationship woes personal.
When it comes to relationships where there is marital commitment, please keep strangers including family members out of your matrimonial problems unless you truly trust the person and you have had fights in the past where secrets were not brought to the table to expose your nakedness.

Some parents and family members are good at keeping secrets for their relatives and genuinely praying for things to workout, while some, you will be surprised are devil incarnate posing and pretending to really care about what their relative is passing through just for you to open your mouth and tell them the mishaps in your relationship only for them to turn around and use them against you when you can no longer afford to butter their hands with gifts like before or there is a misunderstanding; then you will see the ugly side of the man you call father or mother, brother or sister, Uncle or Anty etc. You need to know that manipulation is a spirit of witchcraft.

Some family people are so manipulative and pretentious just to get information about your relationship only to turn around and use it against you on the day of adversity. No matter how sweet some family people are, keep your relationship personal.

I leave you to answer these questions for yourself: Could a total stranger betray you? Why are some people so jealous and bitter about another person’s relationship and life generally? Is it worth the trouble and drama and dust we raise in this life? What is the true meaning of life for me on earth? How do I fulfil my God given purpose? Why do mothers, Father, siblings, uncles, Anty etc claim they have suffered so much for you and their lives didn’t turn out better because of the sacrifices they made for you true as some may be ? I am sure on this last question so many have heard it in their life time. Well if you haven’t, pray that you don’t but for those who have heard it, what would you do differently so that you don’t say these very words to the next generation?

As you ponder over these questions, a man’s enemy is not from the outside but are rather people of the same household. So I don’t care how sweet bitter your relationship is with your significant other, keep it to yourself and the B person involved. Ever heard two is company and three is a crowd? Well there it is what it is. You owe yourself the right to happiness without owing a third party an explanation how you choose to live your life with your significant other. Remember you owe only one person an explanation on judgement day, GOD. KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIP PERSONAL. Be wise

I AM PRINCESS PAT AKPABIO~ Changing Minds, Changing Attitudes.

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