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Listen To God Only

Stop trying to impress people. Prove yourself to yourself that is what Jesus the Christ did when He was before Pilate. Jesus didn’t answer any question because Pilate was in no place to question His Supremacy in John 1:1-5. Who created Pilate? Know your worth and stop listening to folks who are only making noise about what they are not.

Show me one perfect human being who has successfully worshiped God without an error and I’ll show you a Type of Jesus Christ. Stop it please. Worship God the way He has revealed himself to you. Human beings will never at all be contented at one go on a subject matter.

Some will agree you are doing right, some will say you are wasting your time and some will say you are not qualified, etc. who should you listen to as you journey through life? GOD ONLY! Know this, all mortals are subject to God’s judgment.

Stop allowing yourself to be a victim of your own making. Nobody is perfect and therefore seek perfection through Christ Jesus and not the approval of man.

Stop allowing people put you down with their negative words. Be firm in your beliefs. Na God Dey give result but man fit mark.

The choice is yours.

Dr. Pat Akpabio

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