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Men, Never Stop Chasing Yours Wives

Men never stop chasing the woman you love and married for this shall keep your home safe from predictors.
So much is always expected from the woman for the survival and success of her marriage but it takes two to tango and two to make it work.

Men, that wife, that you have stopped chasing is being admired by another man. If the opportunity and timing is right, another man will woo her from you. Never you live in the assumption of she has children and so breast are sagging, extra skin and stretch marks everywhere, real men love all these on a real woman and will not hesitate to help her rub shea butter and cocoa butter to keep it lubricated. Oh, you are shocked that, that which you don’t admire anymore someone else is praying to have? Ok watch and you will see

Men, Emotionally be there for your wives and make passionate love to her always and stop with this cold meal and left over sex energy and women when men do this, make sure you reciprocate accordingly. Sex, love making etc, with your wife, should be hot and passionate not cold like ice.
Stop with the routine sex life, it is boring. Na only one style Dey your sex Bible or dictionary? Consult google for more. Stop being boring in bed with your wife and VV.

So many women are emotionally starved and dry because husbands are busy sharing emotions as biscuits and Fanta outside and I mean those legit wives not those making life a living hell at home for what ever reason they may have. The same way you as the man is giving love outside, be cognizant of the fact that another man is willing and ready to give your wife what you have stopped offering at home. Chase your woman, spend on her more than you spend outside. Invest in a good wife against tomorrow, old age is real. Women leverage on your Husbands’ investment on you.

Prayers does not stop emotions from flowing o dear married people when it needs human attention. Hormones don’t respond to prayers but caresses, kissing, sweet words and passionate love Making.

God created sex to be enjoyed in marriage, please enjoy it for “ORGASM” is the taste of Heaven no earth.
Let the chasing continue.

I am Evang. Pat Akpabio (the Singing Seer)

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