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Mock No One In Life – Pat Akpabio

Do you find yourself in this situation where people could help you but they assume that you have it all? Oh, yeah it is happening daily around us.

People judge others by the cars they drive, houses they live in, clothes they wear not knowing if the car is almost on E or E, no food in the house and the clothes was bought many years ago.

Most Human beings are so funny a times you know, they know because they see you struggling but they are waiting for you to ask them for assistance so that they can mock you in the process.

My prayer for us saints, may God hasten to bring us help before the enemy mocks us for being Christ lovers and followers. One thing you must learn in life, is the act of survival in the mix of insufficiency with your dignity intact.

Hold your head high up looking unto God the author and finisher of your faith. He can not lie but you have to choose to trust Him to show up. Let me encourage you with my experience if it will make you believe better the God of the 12:01 hour.

I have experienced human beings betrayal of the highest order in life that but not for the love of God in my heart, I would have shut the doors at so many people’ faces as a result of the heart aches I have had to deal with and I am sure so many people reading this can relate.

The same people I have helped from nothing to a better life are the same people who castigate and lie against me on the regular today and on the daily. I mean from house rent, to school fees, clothes, to medical bills, business capitals, to feeding etc.

You too my brother, my sister, those you have help, those you give life to are the same people who turn their backs on you when you need them most. Be encouraged, this is not the time to cry or give up but this is the time to press on the upward way, gaining new heights everyday.

I have learnt to live a very contented life by not asking for help from certain folks because they will never do it because they have their own preconceived believe and even when they know that you really need the help and they are in the position to render the assistance, their perceived believe posses as a barrier for them not to help you.

Some will offer to help on the grounds of sex as an exchange. Walk away from anything or anyone that wants to belittle your God. It is not worth it. I love God for always providing because there are these few who are genuine that will never ask questions when you make the ? call.

Value those type of people if they are in your life now and if not may God bring them to you as we enter “SEPTEMBER-OUR MONTH OF PLEASANT SURPRISES.”Everyone living on earth needs help at some point in their life.

Stop making assumptions about people or making excuses why you didn’t or can’t help when you can. mock no one today, tomorrow which gives birth to today is pregnant and nobody knows what the birth will bring.

1. David went to bed a shepherd and woke up an ordained king

2. Joseph went to bed a prisoner and woke up a Prime Minister

3. Esther went to bed an orphan and woke up as a Queen

4. Jephthah who was rejected by his brothers went to bed a nobody and woke up a king over the same brothers who threw him out.

5. Jesus Christ, the rejected stone became the chief corner stone. Love others, even when you have every reason to hate.

Give, even when you have every reason not to give. Believe even when you have every reason to doubt.

Trust God even when everything is happening contrary to His words. He will not fail to coke through if you are patient enough to wait on Him.

August is gone but Renewal is coming in SEPTEMBER.

DR. Princess Pat Akpabio

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