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My Wilderness Experience – Princess Pat Akpabio

Life is a mystery only given to us by the Divine and what we each pass through and how we persevere to conquer is what will take us to our final destination termed 'Eternity'.

My mentor made this statement to me on one of our counseling sessions and she said: “Now that I am going through my wilderness experience, I haven’t seen anybody that has come to go through the process with me but when my process is over, some peanut heads will start writing and saying what they don’t know about my journey and the pains I have had to endure, tears I have cried and my sleepless nights I had to deal with.” I laughed and she wondered why I was laughing and I said that is the story of my life and at this point in my life, it doesn’t matter anymore what anybody said about me or wrote because they don’t have the power nor authority to take my name out of the book of life.

My submissions are:

A. Yes people will talk and bring curses upon themselves and their generations, but it can be avoided. Only say what you know not what somebody told somebody who was told by somebody that wasn’t even there when the story was cooked up.

B. Learn to live your own life for everyone God created on earth has a purpose. Stop using your time to gossip people. You don’t know what people are passing through each day for you to add more weight to their already existing trauma.

C. Sexual blackmail has become the norm for people to use against each other just because they want to destroy another’s personality but those who rush to watch and share have you stopped to process the truth that you are guilty of the same crime you are sharing? The only difference is that your weren’t caught on tape. Sex isn’t new in our society, it didn’t start today, it is the oldest act on earth and it started on the altar of God in the garden of Eden and God was the first FBI, SSA, CIA, etc to uncover the act. So it is high time we stopped this nonsense of using sexual blackmail against one another to gain favor or be politically relevant. There is no matured sexually active adult who doesn’t indulge in the sexual act. So since when did someone private sexual life become a public domain business? People are doing worst in the closet than what is being exposed, so, let us mature and know that sex is a communion and shouldn’t be trivialized. If you have ever watched pornography and you sit in the comfort of your home to sexually Shame or blackmail any man or woman for indulging in private sexual act meant fir two consenting adults, then you are worst than an infidel.

D. We need to rise above societal norms of blackmailing people just to be favored. It is so painful and hurtful to be blackmailed for something you haven’t done and don’t have an idea about. If you haven’t been a victim of blackmail yet, then pray you don’t suffer the pains. I have been a victim severally as a single spinster and as a married lady and today I am more than a conqueror because I choose to conquer. You see, those who blackmail others for favor or in order to displace the victims will end up blackmailed, displaced and with one cancer or tumor later on in life because it stock piles. Their masters and madams and all those who effect the lies against others, who listen to their gossips of blackmails, are confused leaders and people without scrupulous and therefore will end up worst than the blackmailers. When I discovered this truth about what will happen to blackmailers, I said to them blackmail away, your end will be worst than the pains I have suffered and every other blackmailed victim has endured.

E. You see my friends, life is quantum merit, what you put into life is what you will get out of life. Don’t be a part of why a Labourer is not duly compensated, you will suffer the ripple effect. Don’t be the reason why others cry, their tears shall be your judgement evidence. Don’t be a part of another human being misfortune, your children will end up being affected by misfortune. Settle your scores as agreed by those you Laboured with, don’t lie, don’t cheat and don’t scam them. Leave the attitude of winner takes it all or you will end up alone in life. Learn to appreciate other people’ sufferings in life and know that the race is not for the swift, the battle is not for the strong but that Time and Chance happens to us all.

I am going through my wilderness experience now, are you a part of this journey? Can you tell a story about the me that you don’t know? Be guided for tomorrow is pregnant and what it will birth, no one knows.

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and this is #changingminds #changingattitudes
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