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By Princess Pat Akpabio

In society we live in today, there are so many causes of depression that sometimes we ignore the obvious and focus on the inconsequential causes of depression.

Are you aware that some of the problems we face in life that lead to depression are self-inflicted?
 I mean we cautiously get ourselves involved in matters that don’t concern us directly and we allow so many unnecessary things to bother us and weigh us down that we get so depressed over it.

When our solution is not accepted in the cause of us nosing about other people’s businesses we slowly catalog the rejection of our unsolicited opinions which leads us into self-inflicted depression.

Come with me as I discuss the causes of self-inflicted depression. 

Depression is harmful.


Taking pain relievers for other people’s problems: That is making it or being so involved in other people’ problems than your own. Crying more than the bereaved. Always being nosy by assuming the position of an advisor when you have your own issues and problems to deal with.

For instance, a family member is having Marital issues or crises and is obviously handling the situation well but you get so overly involved and make their problem personally your own. Or you worry about someone being sick more than the sick person who is handling his or her health issues with their strong faith in God. The question to ask you here is: who made you God?

You want to be in control of all your children and their spouses, siblings, and spouses dictating for them how to live their lives and when that doesn’t happen, you cry how you have helped them and they treat you badly.

Who made you lord over them?

Why must you be in control of other people’s lives who are grown up adults?

Do you realize that you easily go into depression when you give people the opportunity to reject your counsel especially if you are overbearing?

You speak to adults and children carelessly and your words have no salts and no seasonings. When adults and children start responding back to you based on the way you talk to them, you cry foul.

Please get over yourself, you are the cause of your depression. 
When you live your life for money and society and what others think of you, every little life change will affect your mental stability. Were you there when God created the society? Material wealth doesn’t make you happy but only comfortable in life.

As much as self-inflicted depression is brought upon us by ourselves, the solutions also lie within us. 
Here are some solution that will help in coming out of self-inflicted depression 


Happiness is a gift you can consciously give to yourself, learn to Mind your business:

It cost zero US dollars to mind your business.

Stop worrying about other people’s problems. Realize that you are not God in people’s lives. Learn to hear people out when they have problems and how they are dealing with their problems instead of carrying their problems upon your shoulders.

Remember you have your own problems to deal with and so you shouldn’t allow people to weigh you down with the garbage in their lives. Start cleaning and flushing yourself of every worry concerning other people’s problems and you will see that you are coming out of that self-inflicted depression.

Stop trying to control adults who have chosen a lifestyle for themselves: Allow them to live their lives as they see fit. At best you can only advise if solicited for.

The Lord over them is Jesus Christ. There is so much that you can do for people in this life, especially adults. 
Have mouth control and self-control of what you say to people of all ages: “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”-Isaac Newton. Know that people react to you based on your own word of mouth and actions to them.

Therefore check what you say when you are angry or feel offended. Be careful what comes out of your mouth while addressing people. Learn to be honest with your feelings when addressing issues and stick to the present issue at hand. Let go of the past because of the past especially if it holds bad memories for you when dealing with certain adults.

Stop living your life for society and money: society doesn’t care about you. You know why? They are human beings like you, who are selfish and opinionated like you. Live for yourself and your creator. “Society has always been here before we came into existence and will remain when we are long gone if God doesn’t sound the trumpet, “Princess Pat Akpabio”. Material wealth doesn’t buy happiness but can only solve your problems and check insults. Learn to be contented with what you have one day at a time.

Enjoy life’s moments and the beauty nature presents to you daily. 
Be grateful to God for your life today because we are on borrowed time and therefore every day is a GIFT.

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