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Sex in Religion

By Princess Pat Akpabio

Does religion talk about sex?

How often does religion talk about sex and the importance of it in relationships explicitly?

Religion rarely talks about sex and how important it is in marital relationships. There is this act of hypocrisy and conceded attitude towards sex Generally where religion is concerned. Some are trying now to incorporate sexual topics in women conferences and other church conferences but how detailed and sincere are there in these conferences with regards to sexual content.

Divorce is rampant in African society or society generally and we use domestic violence and financial insufficiency in relationships as the bases for divorce.

Have we sat down to ask ourselves the question why?

Religion hasn’t done such a great job in educating A lot of singles about sex in marriage before marriage and even after marriage and these have led to the rise of divorce and broken relationships. 
It is very important to talk about sex in religion because African culture is a very religious society. 

Reasons Why sex should be discussed in Religion 

In any given Relationship, the basic reason why a man and woman get together is sex appeal aka like or love. Physical attraction to the opposite sex is what draws people together before the other attributes in the person follows.

As religious people, we can not shy away from this truth. 
Lack of good sex will lead to abuse, disrespect, negligence, cheating, the emotional disconnection between partners, an emotional imbalance which leads to financial insecurity.

Because when once someone in the relationship isn’t happy with the sex it affects the way he or she relates with the partner and this could lead to loss of focus at the job or career, ministry, government, and this, in turn, brings about slothfulness to achieving financial goals. “Two can not walk together unless they are in agreement.”-Amos 3:3
If religion were to educate individuals in their congregation about the importance of sex in an intimate relationship, it will lead to emotional balance, stable and functional society where infidelity, mental, emotional, and physical abuse will be curbed in religion.

There will be no need for some pastors and members of the churches to live in a lie of adultery. “And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32 NLT.

In religion, a lady or a man could have a sexual problem with his or her partner and goes to a spiritual authority to express his or her sexual disappointment in the relationship, instead of the authority involved to give wise and unbiased advice, he or she decides to be the solution to the problem by offering sexual services to solve the problem of the victim. Okay, how has this action helped the problem?

It hasn’t helped the problem but rather compounded the victim's problems through emotional and affectional shift which opens doors for more lies and more infidelity. Religion has to stop pretending for selfish interests and reasons but love should be free of hypocrisy. “Let love be genuine.

Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.”~Romans 12:9 ESV
There is so much pretense in churches regarding sex topics that one may wonder if Songs is Solomon isn’t part of the Bible?

Lack of good sex in marriage brings a lot of fights, misunderstandings, and disunity. It is high time religion stop playing doctrines and starts playing the God who created sex to be enjoyed in marriages by actually teaching the act of having and Enjoying a good sexual relationship with a spouse without hypocrisy.

If we want to have better marriages in the next generation to come, we must rise to the sexual issues plaguing the church and religion as a whole. “and also for me, that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel,”~Ephesians 6:19 ESV

My Closing Thoughts:

Religion needs to start teaching the act of sexual organism because a lot of women have never experienced what an organism feels like. It is believed that the taste of heaven is in organism. A healthy sex life in marriage will present happy couples to the world who are ready to build a better fortune together for their children to emulate.

Marriage without fireworks in the bedroom is DEAD. “The worst form is death is not when you die and you are placed in a casket and laid 6ft below Mother Earth, but what dies inside of you when you are still alive.”~Princess Pat Akpabio.

While you are still living on earth, make it count in your sexual marital relationship because there is no marriage and no sexual intercourse in the Kingdom of God. "For in the resurrection, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.” Mathew 22:30.

The choice is yours to keep your sex life alive.

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and this is Changing minds, changing attitudes.

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