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Spend Time Fixing Yourself

You are busy judging someone and Condemning he or she on having a questionable character. Have you checked your own character cause you might be in the Neigbohorhood of worst character. Mortals judging mortals, what a total waste of resourceful time and energy.

Spend your time fixing yourself and leave others alone. There will be a lot of surprises in the Kingdom of God. What you don’t know that was reported to you don’t repeat to another person. Learn to shut up and mind your business as that is the only business that cost nothing to start.

Don’t put a definition on something or some one that you don’t know. Know that the same measurement you use to measure for others, so shall it be measured to you. The mouth you are using to condemn and judge others, so shall others use their mouths to judge and condemn you.
Opinion is the cheapest commodity available to all to purchase because it cost nothing.

People don’t pay to talk that is why they abuse it. Spend time developing yourself. One day you will meet with opportunity. Always be ready for the next door opening to you.

Character defines us. Social media is what it is a social platform. So many things ain’t real. Grow up

I am Princess Pat Akpabio

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