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If you can change expecting too much from mortals like yourself, you will
Limit your frustration in life.

The reason why you are moody, sad, depressed and feeling abandoned is because you are expecting too much from people. Stop expecting people’ phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp messages, visitations, etc when they had already made it clear when they stopped calling and texting you to check up on you who they really are.

You really need to get to know who people are and what value they place on you in their lives. Once they have shown you who they really are, then you shouldn’t expect anything different when they give to you what they had already advertise about themselves. I mean, someone stops smiling when he or she sees you, why bother yourself if it is something you did wrong? It is not you but has everything to do with their irritated demons who can’t stand your anointed aura.

Somebody can not say “I am sorry” after they have done something wrong and displeasing to you and you knew this before now, you shouldn’t expect the sorry because it will not come by so doing, you have put a limit to your frustration on the subject matter. Stop expecting visitation when someone has made it clear that being in your presence is valueless to their existence. You deserve fellowship with people who respect you as a person and value your spirit.

Treat and deal with people based on the value they place on themselves before you. People have a way of showing you who they are and when once they show you who they are, you shouldn’t set yourself up for the disappointment of not being on the lookout for their actions because they already taught you who they really are. Stop expecting too much from people more than they can give to you because a person can only give to you what he or she has, nothing more and no less. Stop expecting the “I love you” when it stopped coming.

You will live a better and a more fulfilling life, when you stop expecting too much from people who don’t have it to offer you. When you can limit your frustration in life, you have conquered your dependency on mortals and placed more of your expectations on God who gives all good and perfect gifts.

I am Princess Pat Akpabio

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