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The Church, Family Life and Sexual Fulfilment As A Child Of God – Pat Akpabio

What are your priorities in life? What is most important in your life as a Clergy because many have their priorities confused for the singular fact that they have been called into ministry by God.

So many have gotten this order incorrectly, hence leading to the collapse of the family structure.

Let’s take a look of the best working order:

1. God first

2. Spouse second (which is your primary calling)

3. Children third

4. Your job (your primary ministry to provide for your household and even the church)

5. Your ministry (which, though obviously very important, should not be allowed to displace the primary responsibilities of your life.

The philosopher Goethe put’s it this way 'Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.' |Put first things first|.

God is first in our lives and therefore everything thing which is priority to God should come first in our lives.

Your commitment to your immediate family is the propelling fuel to run a successful ministry (church). A happy home is a strong supporting force to help build a solid church that is why the devil is always fighting the family structure of men and women of God.

As preachers of the word of God, it is imperative to stop putting your ministry (the church) before your spouse and children.

You must carry out your civil responsibilities to your spouse and children first before you can successfully man the church.

Those who put ministry (church needs) before their family needs tend to struggle at home and have marital crisis.

Your first church and congregation is your wife or husband and then your children. Without them being happy with you, the ministry and the call of God upon your life will suffer attack from them.

The ministry is God’s work, He will build the church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.G.Os who desire success, fulfilment and contentment in ministry, should keep God first as Mathew 6:33 states and should not make the mistake of putting the church first before his or her spouse and children.

Some men and women of God do not have a healthy sex life that is reoccurring or constantly being consummated but are seemingly the best sex coach and counsellors to members getting their sex lives right in their own marriages

How do you advice others on their sex live when yours is suffering? Some pastors are sex starved with their spouses at home and this is destroying our churches.

So much pretences in this regards, as if their sexual needs do not matter. God is interested in your sexual satisfaction as a Husband and as a wife working in his vine yard.

Stop sweeping your sexual needs under the carpet for the taste of heaven is in the ORGASM. Let us sit back and reevaluate what is going on on our churches today.

Why are Christian marriages failing and secular marriages are working? Stop neglecting the needs of your household to go solve the problems of church members.

Stop honouring “papa” more than your husband at home because you are a pastor in the church. Your husband is your first pastor before papa in church.

Stop giving too much attention to “mama” in church when you do not give attention to your wife at home as your first “mama”.


Be responsible by attending first to your own household needs and God who comes first, will bless you greatly. ….TO BE CONTINUED.

I am Dr. Pat Akpabio

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