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By Princess Pat Akpabio 

Many in our society have tried to define and understand the power of a girl in our society without giving the needed accolades for her successes. Many have relegated the girl child to the background of things while they say it is a man’ world but they fail to stop and ask the question, without the girl child in the society what will the fate of men be? The girl child is said to be a better manager than the boy child.

Look at the organization of the home and family structure and all that goes on in there and you will agree with me that indeed there is something special about the girl child. It is not just a man’s world but “OUR WORLD” because we have equal rights and we’re all created equal. What is the power of a girl child? Her creativity: a girl child has the power to create a full-fleshed meal with so little supply of food items given to her.

The power of a girl child is limited to society, locality and culture in some cases but I want to encourage the girl child to do more for herself if she wants to take a place in the spotlight like the boy child by creating stuff, invent stuff and be original. Stop copy carding.

Stop the unhealthy and unprofitable completion of who is wearing the best shoes, rocking the latest hang bag, and driving the latest cars. Gone are the days when a woman’s place was bearing children and keeping the kitchen with warm meals and earning a man’s bed.

As much as the girl child still cooks, cleans, and nurtures children but she has greater academic opportunities now than years past and I must commend her for making good use of it.
Instagram is owned by one of the youngest billionaires and so is Facebook, all the major brands are male Designers but Taylor might be a woman. Become a brand of your own m-consume less and produce more.

Patileon Altitude is a brand owned by a woman who employs’ men and women to grow the brand. Get your own brand-be creative by starting a brand no matter how small and employ men and women to be your tailors and designers and with time, you will emerge as an industry leader. 
What Should A Girl Child Create? 

Create fashion brands with your name on it, makeup brands, Shoes, watch, hairline, clothing, etc. 

Technology: if you have a flair for technology, create software, hardware, you name it. Stop consuming things that you can’t really produce 

Entertainment: go into film making, Music, produce music, artist management, etc decorations, makeup 

Agriculture: package food items, put your name on it and we will buy it. Become entrepreneurs- exports cocoa, Garri, ginger, coffee beans, etc. Whoever told you that it is a man’s world, lied to you, it is our world and God created Us equally we are all men. The difference is, “I am a woman with a womb and the other man is without a woman”-PPA A front runner: the society hasn’t quite accepted the leadership quality and style of a girl child. 
As a girl be a front runner: 

Read: study to show yourself approved and remember that the knowledge of any thing gives you power in the midst of other people. We perish because of lack of knowledge. In all thy getting, get understanding 

Apply what you have read: don’t finish school and then marry, box your degree and depend on a man for your livelihood. So apply what you have studied in school. If society ain’t got jobs for you, create one for yourself. In every labor there is profit. 

Bring your looks into your field of work. Don’t fall into the statistics of beauty without brains- this will help in Stopping the emotional abuse of women who depend especially on men for their livelihood. 

Emotional balance: without a woman, a man will not be motivated to do anything at all. They will be at home playing draft, chewing sticks, and wearing wrappers.

A man hustles because he wants to impress you, provide, give security. Without your V-power, men wouldn’t do any of these things. The need to show working to be granted access to the V-house.

You have to add Power, value to your V- house in order to create emotional stability in a Man. If you don’t remember anything that I have said, remember this, a man thinks with his P so make sure he works hard to access the V so that you will be able to create the emotional balance in a man’s life and in the society. 
So a man that ain’t getting the right V becomes dysfunctional and will mess up everybody else, government going to be messed up.

When we are talking about the power of a girl, we mean women who are creative, front runners, and emotionally stable women to move with Power to the 22nd century as we round up the 21st century as Renaissance amazon black women.

You possess the power to get a standing ovation from the boy child through your hard work and determination to succeed. You are a champion so see you at the top.

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and this is Changing minds changing attitudes

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