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“THE QUEST” by Dr. Pat Akpabio

God is the MASTERMIND behind every human lifting, Be HUMBLED when lifted.

You are lifted to LEAD not rule over others, Be UNDERSTANDING with others.

Current champion not permanent champion, Know this truth to avoid PRIDE.

You are a Victor not Victim, be REST ASSURED on God.

Be mindful of the words you use when you are going through your wilderness experience, so you don’t DESTROY your future out come with negative words.

Love is more powerful than Hate.

LOVE others because it is the greatest commandment You fail today does not mean that you have failed in life.

Dust yourself up and try again because the BEAUTY of your dreams is your future to believe in.

When you rise in life, do not become a stumbling block for others to to rise.

No TREE can make a forest Collectivism builds a better community than individualism.

TOGETHER we stand.

We are all the final PRODUCT of our thinking.

GUARD your mind and heart against negative thinking.

You will be anything you set your mind to become, if you remain DETERMINED and CONSISTENT.

Consistency breaks Resistance against your dreams.

Do not GIVE UP on your DREAMS.

You are loved by God in Heaven and on Earth.

NEVER you give up on God no matter the adversities and adversaries because God is a life CHANGER and a MIRACLE worker.


I AM DR. PAT AKPABIO (Writing from Uyo, AKS)

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