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The Truth in Perspective on Polygamy

By Princess Pat Akpabio

I have been pondering over this question for years now since I was a child. Men are polygamous by nature they say correct? A woman who accepts to marry another woman’s husband or an already married man is what? Today I want to put my thoughts and findings in perspective. Princess Pat's philosophy: “both men and women are polygamous by their own making and decision not by nature.” Ponder on it.

Men who rush for beautiful ladies are always in conflict because most of them are haters of fatherhood and when fatherhood is Hated, the priesthood is in crisis.

What is Polygamy?
Polygamy, as defined by Oxford Dictionaries, is “the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time.” One would be left to ask, Who really is wife or a husband aside from the dictionary definition? A wife and a husband are two individuals of the opposite sex who have reached an agreement to be in a Committed relationship to build a life together and spend the rest of their lives together.

Now whether or not they solidify this agreement through the court, church wedding, or traditional marriage rites based on culture or just a gentleman’ agreement, there is an established relationship of some sort related to a marriage settlement or agreement. So many people are practicing “common marriages” where you see a man and a woman living together without fulfilling the marital rites obligations and are sexually active and are producing offsprings-cohabiting.

I believe it is right to say that sex plays a big part in the definition of marriage. If you want to argue with me, then I ask, why is it always asked was the marriage consummated during the duration of commitment? So without consummation, a marriage can be annulled, dissolved or has no locus standi in the court. So sexual intercourse has a lot to do with marriage and it’s validity.

When someone steps out of the confinement of an established relationship and starts having an emotional sexual affair with another, that is the introduction of polygamy. Yes some will say he cheated or she cheated and I understand but one time is a mistake, two times is a decision and three times is a commitment and before you know it, it becomes multiple sex partners.

The fact that it is a hidden relationship or done in secret doesn’t negate the fact that it is a type of polygamy just without the official expression of place in the grand scheme of things.

Argument 1

Men being polygamous in nature is a weak philosophy. It is your decision and strong determination that reveals your discipline in social behavior-Matt 19:9-12.

When your soul enjoys what it loves, Satisfaction is established, so no need for a secondary wife or a secondary relationship. When your soul is satisfied with the woman you love, and unction to function as a man will be generated making the man attain Full potentials in life and vice versa. Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 Life is a game of choice, it is what you choose that generates your satisfaction. “Polygamy is the expression of the will power of man, it is not the command of God.”~PPA

In the beginning, the traditional family was ONE man One wife-Adam and Eve.

As creation progressed and fell into diverse sins and disobedience to the commandment of God, God being merciful wouldn’t abandon His creatures and so time and time again we see Him step in and give instruction to restore. For instance, God instructed Hosea to divorce his first wife and marry a prostitute.

The purpose was to cleanse and restore the glory of God in the nation of Isreal. ” in life we take a mistake to correct a mistake.”~PPA

God is not the only spirit, but God is pro-marriage, God is pro-creational and pro-family. Therefore when a man expresses his will power to marry an additional wife, it therefore forms the pattern, the circle, the laws, orders, and boundaries of such a family which is an inheritance.

God is pro-marriage. A polygamist is a man or woman of casual behavior. He/she doesn’t know how to make a sound choice, so he/she lives in confusion.

Argument 2

Man is the image of God, meaning man is God in extension Genesis 1:26-28. The demonstration of his will power can determine his relationship with God in spirit. In a polygamous home, the woman that you are fond of the most is the one that will give birth to a child that will carry the soul genetics of such a family. Marriage is a game of the altar.

When the woman you marry does not come from the altar you come from, the children she will bear for you will be children of controversial behaviors-Deuteronomy 7:3 Let me ask you, my reader, a question to ponder over:
How many men speak in the language of the spirit or speak in tongues when they meet their wives on the bed? Very few and neither the wives when sleeping together.

It is not all about styles or position but when the sex chemistry communication is in understanding within the parties, satisfaction is established, no need for secondary.

It was not the command of God for David to marry Abigail but it was the will of the anointing spirit of David. It was not the command of God for David to also marry Bethsheba but it was the expression of his will power. Greed for more is what befell David and it is affecting us today.

We are never satisfied because of our wrong choices in the man or woman we choose to spend the important part of our lives with. “The choices we make today is what spices up our lives from there on even to the future.”-PPA

Argument 3

The Polygamous nature in a man is determined by the type of anointing upon such a man and the woman. Polygamy is the expression of a man’ will power within the kingdom of men and not a command of God. It is a man’ idea not a God idea.

Don’t forget it was this will demonstrated by some men that determined the pro-family power patterns, circles, and inheritance. For instance, Abraham had two children, Isaac had two children, Jacob had two children and Joseph as well had two children.

The circles: Abraham lied, Isaac lied, Jacob lied and Joseph lied as well. The inheritance: Abraham's first son Ismael missed it. Isaac's first son Esau missed it. Jacob's first son Reuben missed it. Joseph's first son Mannesah missed it as well. The first man Adam missed it because his wife Eve, expressed her will power against the will of God.

Eve was the first woman who started polygamy by sleeping with satan the devil before her husband. That is why some women will first believe lies before the truth. Here is what a few associates of mine had to say when I posted the philosophy that both men and women are polygamous

  1. From Abuja Nigeria, Kenneth said: both men and women are polygamous by nature on 100% they are one and the same thing. One can’t coexist without the other. Society has just managed to control women where men lord over them but ordinarily it is the same feelings. He went on to say “So many women do terrible things behind closed doors but most men don’t know how to hide their game.”-Kenneth this goes to support the statement I made earlier society just suppresses the woman’ desire to be with multiple men by labeling them with negative names so men can lord over their emotions and desires.
  2. Jacott In Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria had this to write: I think sex is the driving force. High sex appetite and satisfaction. Most men just can’t get enough of it. Back here in Africa, culture has been a veil of pretense compare to other countries like America where divorce is the order of the day. Most women can’t break up out of the marriage but can have secret affairs with different men who can satisfy their emotional desires. What attributes to this is the lack of sexual satisfaction from their husbands. They seek out for a bigger and stronger penis to quench their undying sexual desires. So in a nutshell, they are not seen as polygamous in nature by observers since they are not legally married to their sex toys and the men which they are having affairs with.
  3. Emeka In Abuja wrote: Women are just greedy. Women in pursuit of money and a good life can do anything. I responded to this by saying “and men aren’t greedy”? Listen when it comes to who we are as human beings, both men and women are the same things. One isn’t without the other. The same way women use pregnancy to trap a man, for instance, is the same trick a man uses to keep a woman he claims to love in his life by having a child by her. Both species share the same tendencies just that society has made women subservient to their true nature as the man. A Woman was formed out of a man, therefore whatever character traits the man possesses, it was passed onto the woman during formation. Let us always remember that Eve lost her virginity to Satan the devil, not Adam.
  4. Samuel wrote: I believe we all have this equal raging drive like an animal that goes out hunting to get a firm grip on the other sex and get all crazy in the most unbelievable ways. Some people grow those thoughts to dominate their lives and take actions to that end that is where self-control comes in. Some people deny their attraction to the opposite sex especially those ones that happen to tick a few boxes on your list.” As I read each response, I realize that for truth both men And women are polygamous as a result of satisfying their sexual libidos.

My Closing Perspective

Polygamy is the glory of man not of the glory of God. It is biblical but not scriptural. In essence, polygamy is biblical- it is found in the Bible, not scriptural meaning not an instruction of God. So many people are in a polygamous relationship unofficially but that is what it is. A man who has multiple sex relationships with different women is a practicing polygamist. A woman who has multiple sexual relationships with different men is a polygamist in every context of the word.

I know society would like to label the woman a sex worker and the man a player. Whatever name floats your boat, but the truth remains that both men and women are the same things. The fact that society has made it looked like it is only the man that can have as many women as he chooses and can afford, the same thing is applicable to a woman with the word ”afford” having a relative meaning and subject to the person involved interpretation. She can have as many men as she chooses, one can’t exist without the other.

The bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. What the man feels the woman feels it too but society has tried since conception to tailor the minds of the girl child to what is acceptable for a girl forgetting that a man can’t achieve the polygamous status without the woman in view.

I strongly believe that both the man and the woman became polygamous right after creation where Eve slept with Satan the devil and after slept with her husband Adam and from then onward, the spirit of polygamy entered into man.
Both sexes need each other for the institution of polygamy to be in existence. One can’t dwell without the other. In the beginning, it was one man one wife according to the Holy Bible.

Polygamy is a man’s idea and the expression of his will power. Men are not polygamous by nature. Men are polygamous by their choice and their will power and this is applicable to women as well.
“But I hold not my life of any account as dear unto myself, so that I may accomplish my course, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.” ‭‭Acts‬ ‭20:24‬ ‭ASV‬‬

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and this is changing minds changing attitudes

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