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Traditional marriage is more important in our African society not the white wedding.

Traditional marriage is our culture and our tradition. White wedding is not our tradition but a borrowed culture and therefore is not compulsory or mandatory to have a white wedding.

Why has the westerners not borrowed our traditional
Marriage and pay bride price? When once you are married according to the tradition of your tribe, you are married in our African culture.

Churches should stop misinforming members or putting all these unnecessary rules that those who desire to or have the ability to do a church wedding or white wedding must bring a pregnancy test before being wedded after their traditional marriages. This is an act of ignorance and hypocrisy on the part of the church. So she can have Sex after the Traditional marriage and so long as she is not pregnant, the church will conduct a white wedding?

Like seriously, how many couples, married today waited until after church wedding to consummate their marriages including the pastors giving all these stringent rules? No, I am not excusing fornication here, but I’m being real as it gets. I’m not throwing shades on anybody but those preaching Chasity, how chaste were they or are they to make rules regarding when to have a white wedding after traditional marriage and not to have?

I have heard some church founders and clergies saying traditional marriage is not important but only the white is. I ask, did you do your traditional marriage? And the answer is Always, yes. So why mislead others? Why is it not important after you did the right thing for your wife? People are paying with their lives for neglecting to do their traditional marriage rites.

Ladies and gentlemen, TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE is our tradition and therefore is more important. White wedding is a borrowed tradition and therefore is not mandatory. Pastors should show up at TMs and bless the couples there alongside the parents of the new couples. The blessing of your parents are more important in your Traditonal marriage, they are the ones giving you away not your pastor. Even in church the pastor still ask the same question who is giving this woman in marriage?

Let he and she who has ears read this, understand the truth because the truth will set us free.

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and this is #changingminds #changingattitudes

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