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Trust Issues in Relationships

Princess Pat Akpabio

So first let’ identify what causes the distrust in relationships? Here are some reasons

Knowing the man doesn’t love you at the wrong time after investing so much of you into the relationship not necessarily financially n it might be financially as well

Knowing the person is cheating on you or cheated on you.

The person can’t defend you before his family and friends

Let go of the past and attain the position of a bird. Just fly around the love that is being showered on you being human you will trust him. Give the person time to showcase any love he has for you n you will find out in stupid n heated arguments time n you will see how he reacts to it. Some men will say how can u see the truth n it is so glaring n you say it ain’t. Who are you? This could break the relationship

You still have to let go of the past of if you want to be happy. Don’t forget it is about you. It is either you hate the whole world n her surroundings n be miserable or you let go and move on and see one happening as an experience and keep stepping. Be loving to yourself and happy.

If you are happy in any relationship, what it does to you is It keeps a-bay the aging effect of life eg headaches, belly aches these two things you can’t see it but you feel and the next person can’t see it n because it can’t be seen by others you can’t get adequate help.

When you have a headache you frown your face and you have all these aching lines and when your stomach aches you become very uncomfortable. You will have to spend money buying anti aching cream to get your youthfulness back.

Pick chewing gum, chew, and laugh at everything. When you are annoyed with everyone in the world, you age quicker

This can be managed as the girl by standing your ground and let the man and his family know that this relationship is not a do or die affairs. If your brother can’t defend me I won’t take the insult. Stand your ground and defend yourself and turn the table around.

You owe yourself a right to happiness and peace of mind. You are your no1 first love. Love and trust yourself first and you can trust somebody else. You can’t give someone else what you do not have and you can’t teach others what you haven’t mastered.

I am Princess Pat Akpabio and this is changing minds changing attitudes.

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